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2012 Audi A5

Submodel / Qualifier: Direct TMPS

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RS + SKU: 234234

OEM Radio Frequency: 315

OEM Valve: None

OEM Service Kit: 59112

OEM Service Kit Torque: 8 (71)

Universal Service Kit: U1-3

Universal Service Kit Torque: 6 (53)

GM Trailer TPMS Now Covered by Alligator RS-series Sensors

Alligator RS & RS+ universal TPMS sensors can now be used on the trailer wheels for late-model GM trucks that are equipped with the trailer TPMS option. A new feature for certain models of the 4th-generation Chevrolet Silverado & 5th-gen GMC Sierra (2019- 1500 & 2020- HD) is an option for monitoring the tire pressure of the trailer wheels on the dash of the truck.

Trucks with the trailer TPMS option come with additional sensors for four trailer wheels but if more are needed (for a 6-wheel trailer) or if the owner needs to sync more than one trailer to the truck (can accommodate up to 5 separate trailers) then simply use the Silverado Trailer / Sierra Trailer option on the application or the same vehicle menu on the hand-held TPMS tool to program sensors for the trailer.

After installing the additional sensors into the trailer wheels and mounting the rims to the trailer, follow the steps outlined in the Owner’s Manual to learn the new sensors to the vehicle: (1) connect the trailer to the truck’s hitch, (2) open the trailer app in the dash display, (3) set-up a profile for the trailer (name, number of wheels, recommended tire pressure, etc), then (4), perform a TPMS relearn per the normal GM procedure. The EVIC display will then show the tire pressure and temperature for the trailer tires in the dashboard.

When replacing OEM sensors with aftermarket sensors, rest assured that RS series TPMS sensors from Alligator will provide all the functionality that the vehicle delivers! Regardless of the tool that’s used to program the sensors, these vehicles should be available for programming after completing the latest update.