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2012 Audi A5

Submodel / Qualifier: Direct TMPS

SKU Results: RS+ Sensor: 234234

TPMS Sensor Frequency: 315

OE Valve: None

OE Service Kit: 59112

OE Service Kit Torque: 8 (71)

Universal Service Kit: U1-3

Universal Service Kit Torque: 6 (53)

Lowline TPMS versus Highline TPMS

The automotive service industry is always changing. New vehicle technology means new learning requirements for technicians and that includes new terms and definitions.

Regarding TPMS, words like lowline and highline are commonly used. Lowline refers to a system that doesn’t include any location-specific warnings or information – the vehicle only has a warning light that illuminates when one or more tires are underinflated. The warning lamps has two functions: notify the driver of underinflated tires (solid light) and of system issues (blinking light that eventually lights up solid).

Highline TPMS refers to systems that show location-specific warnings, and some vehicles also have a display with each tire’s pressure. The location information can be achieved a few ways: during the learning process (the sensors for certain makes must be activated in a certain order), via LF antennas in each wheel well (LF-learning), or by comparing TPMS sensor data to that from the wheel-speed sensors (ABS-learning).

Shops that use Alligator are investing in a high-quality TPMS sensor that’s compatible with both lowline and highline systems.