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2012 Audi A5

Submodel / Qualifier: Direct TMPS

SKU Results: RS+ Sensor: 234234

TPMS Sensor Frequency: 315

OEM Valve: None

OEM Service Kit: 59112

OEM Service Kit Torque: 8 (71)

Universal Service Kit: U1-3

Universal Service Kit Torque: 6 (53)

New Toyota Vehicles – TPMS Compatibility

Beginning in the 2015 model year with the Camry, Toyota vehicles started becoming equipped with advanced TPMS systems. The systems utilize data from both the tire sensors and wheel-speed sensors, in order to automatically locate the sensor locations after rotating tires.

Utilizing after-market sensors that don’t have an accurate ABS-related algorithm may cause the vehicle to not recognize the sensor positions, even if an OBD relearn is performed.

In order to ensure that the TPMS system works optimally, shops should use a high-quality Alligator RS+ sensor.