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2012 Audi A5

Submodel / Qualifier: Direct TMPS

SKU Results: RS+ Sensor: 234234

TPMS Sensor Frequency: 315

OE Valve: None

OE Service Kit: 59112

OE Service Kit Torque: 8 (71)

Universal Service Kit: U1-3

Universal Service Kit Torque: 6 (53)

OBD-Learning on Honda & Toyota Vehicles

Registering new TPMS sensors on most Japanese vehicles requires writing the ID numbers directly to the ECU through the diagnostic port (OBD-learning).

On some Honda vehicles (including Acuras) and Toyotas (incl Lexus & Scion), the TPMS warning light will stay on or blink even after the OBD-relearn has been completed. For some models with highline TPMS, the dash won’t show tire pressures right away, after registering the new sensors.

In those cases, technicians can either test the sensors again using a TPMS tool, or drive the vehicle for a few minutes.
Once the TPMS module hears the newly-registered IDs, the warning light should clear.